Vaginoplasty is one of the most recent trends cosmetic enhancements in Virginia, Maryland and Washnigton DC. The Vaginoplasty and Labiaplasty procedures are not new and have always been performed by cosmetic gynecologists, these procedures have always been in demand, but they were historically not talked about. Women in general consider this issue very private and were not open to talk about female genital surgery with others, doctors were not apt to promote these procedures in their practice.

Now in Virginia women are increasingly seeking aesthetic enhancement of their genital areas. The female genital procedures can be divided into five areas where surgeries are performed; Labia majora and Mons pubis, labiaplasty/ labioplasty (labia minora reduction), vaginoplasty, clitoral de-hooding, and hymen reconstruction.

The vaginoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure for both the vaginal canal and the tissues of its mucous membrane that tightens and strengthens those muscles and tissues while removing excess or damaged lining from the canal. Performed by Dr. Jack Ayoub, this surgery is designed to improve and enhance the function of the vulva-vaginal body structures.

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In 2015, Dr. Jack Ayoub introduced the Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation (LVR) procedure to Northern Virginia and the Washington DC areas including Maryland and the District of Columbia.