G-Shot® (G-Spot Amplification)

Dr. Jack Ayoub and the Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute of Virginia are pleased to announce the addition of the G-Shot®! The G-Shot® is also known as G-spot® augmentation or The G-Spot® amplification, this procedure makes that button bigger and extra sensitive. Although the effect is not permanent, the procedure can be repeated after four to six months.

How it’s done: The G-shot® (Some people call it the O Shot) is kind of a dermal filler procedure. After the G-spot is located, the physician gives you an anesthetic shot, and then injects collagen right under it.

As described on the The G-SHOT® website, the clinical description of the G-SHOT® is G-Spot Amplification™ or GSA, it is a quick, nonsurgical, physician-monitored treatment that can augment the Grafenburg spot in sexually active women with normal sexual function.

The G-Shot is a patent pending method of amplifying or augmenting the G-Spot with a human engineered hyaluronan. Hyaluronan is a common ingredient found in many health care products and can also be found naturally throughout the body.

Dr. Jack Ayoub is trained by Dr. David matlock M.D.G-Spot Amplification who invented and developed the G-Shot®, Dr. David Matlock is a world renowned gynecologist and has been offering G-Shot to his patients since 2002.

In a pilot study, 87% of women surveyed after receiving the G-Shot reported enhanced sexual arousal/gratification. Results do vary.

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